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Application to open a Credit Account by a Partnership

To apply for a Bulk Hardware credit account, please complete this form in full.

Please note that we only deal with trade customers and will not accept forms from the general public.


We guarantee that all information you provide to us will only be used for the administration of your account. We do not sell or divulge information to other companies or individuals.

Applicants Details

Company Details
* Company Name
* Name of the person to contact about this application
* Business Address
Address continued
* Postcode
* Country
* Main Telephone Number (with STD code)
* Main Fax Number (with STD code)
VAT Number

* Purchasing Contact Name
* Purchasing Contact Telephone Number
* Purchasing Contact Fax Number
* Purchasing Contact Email Address
* Please repeat Purchasing Email Address

* Accounts Contact Name
* Accounts Contact Telephone Number
* Accounts Contact Fax Number
* Accounts Contact Email Address
* Please repeat Accounts Email Address

Delivery Details (leave blank if same as company address)
Delivery Address (if different)
Delivery Address continued

Company Background
* Date Trading Commenced (dd/mm/yyyy)
* No. of employees
* Time at Current Address - Years
* Time at Current Address - Months
* Premises owned by Proprieters? Yes
Previous Address (if at current address for less than 2 years)
Previous Address continued
Previous Address Town
Previous Address City
Previous Address County
Previous Address Postcode
Previous Address Country
* Nature of Business e.g. Distributor/Wholesaler/Retailer

Trade References
Please provide 2 trade references
* Trade Reference 1 Name
* Trade Reference 1 Company
* Trade Reference 1 Address
Trade Reference 1 Address continued
Trade Reference 1 Town
Trade Reference 1 City
Trade Reference 1 County
* Trade Reference 1 Postcode
* Trade Reference 1 Country
* Trade Reference 1 Telephone Number
* Trade Reference 1 Fax Number
* Trade Reference 1 Email Address
* Trade Reference 2 Name
* Trade Reference 2 Company
* Trade Reference 2 Address
Trade Reference 2 Address continued
Trade Reference 2 Town
Trade Reference 2 City
Trade Reference 2 County
* Trade Reference 2 Postcode
* Country
* Trade Reference 2 Telephone Number
* Trade Reference 2 Fax Number
* Trade Reference 2 Email Address

Bank Details
Name of Bank
Contact (if any)
Bank Address
Bank Address continued
Bank Town
Bank City
Bank County
Bank Account Name
Bank Account Sort Code
Bank Account Number

Business Ownership
* Full Name of Partner making the application
* Home Address
Home Address continued
* Postcode
* Country
* Home Telephone number
* Is a Home Owner? Yes
Partner 1 Full Name
Partner 1 Home Address
Partner 1 Home Address continued
Partner 1 Town
Partner 1 City
Partner 1 County
Partner 1 Postcode
Partner 1 Country
Partner 1 Home Telephone number
Partner 2 Full Name
Partner 2 Home Address
Partner 2 Home Address continued
Partner 2 Town
Partner 2 City
Partner 2 Postcode
Partner 2 Home Telephone number

Any History of Receivership
* Have any of the individuals listed above ever been in any other business or employment which has gone into receivership? Yes
If YES, please complete the following section
Business Name
Address continued
Receivership County
Receivership Postcode
Receivership Business Country

Your application
* Monthly Credit Limit Request (£)

Terms and Conditions
Please click the following box to confirm you agree to our Terms and Conditions
Click here to view the Terms and Conditions (opens in another window)
* I accept the Terms and Conditions

Verification Check

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